Open Letter To Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: Please Elaborate On Ending Prohibition

As I watch the media continue to ignore and downplay Ron Paul’s growing success in the race, it is undoubtedly frustrating; but also very reminiscent of another topic our media loves to ignore and distort — the failed drug war and insane prohibition of industrial hemp, a sure-fire solution for many of our economic, environmental and energy woes.

While I understand Mr. Paul has already made his (enlightened) position on this issue crystal clear, it is my humble opinion that most of the voting public has virtually no grasp on what the potential of industrial hemp production actually means to this country and to each of us as individuals. Much less are they aware that medical cannabis has the remarkable (proven) ability to shrink tumors and cure cancer!

All U.S. citizens have been subjected to countless hours of propaganda demonizing cannabis and other plants which have been revered for thousands of years as spiritual teachers. But these and other startling facts, which are well-established in many respected scientific communities, must undoubtedly become part of the national conversation if we are to ever end the insanity.

While it may seem risky for a candidate to elaborate on the spiritual importance of certain illegal ‘drugs’, ignoring the subject only reinforces misconceptions and fear surrounding these entheogens.

By embracing organizations including Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and the Cottonwood Research Foundation, it is my belief that Ron Paul can help to dramatically improve our nation’s understanding of drug use, abuse and necessary policy reform.

Furthermore, a serious examination by your campaign of the vast potential for industrial hemp production to usher in a new age of American manufacturing and energy production would undoubtedly go viral among hard-core conservatives and liberals alike.

Ron Paul is obviously never going to be adored by the lamestream media, but that is not necessary or even desirable if you ask most people. What’s important is they talk about him and his policies, the more controversial the better.

So, what I’m suggesting is to tackle this issue head-on like all the rest instead of completely ignoring it on your website (from what I’ve seen so far, please forgive me if I’m mistaken.)

Not only is this an issue which a lot of people already feel is important, it is central to solving many other important issues — from illegal immigration to energy production, for starters (Mexicans could stay in their country, producing a very useful crop which is also good for their ecosystem and our fuel tanks!)

If you are interested, I would be more than happy to help in any way possible. My background includes a B.S. in engineering and lots of research on sustainable resources. Presently, I am developing a business centered around processing locally-produced hemp fibers in Missoula, MT.

A project made possible by the increasing proliferation of medical cannabis in our state, which provides raw material for creating high-quality finished hemp products. Including superior replacements for concrete, fiberboards, clothing, plastics and paper (to name a few.) A by-product of the process also includes organic fertilizer, used to grow tasty and nutritious produce for dirt-cheap…

p.s., I think Gary Johnson will make a great running mate. Two great leaders who’s combined efforts can truly do wonders for this ailing nation.


One Response to Open Letter To Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: Please Elaborate On Ending Prohibition

  1. dbombe says:

    I really like this idea, have thought so for a couple of years.

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