Massive worldwide effort to end drug wars is only getting bigger, more effective

While politicians in my home state of Montana and lots of other places still think they have the right to meddle around in my medicine cabinet, there is a massive worldwide movement quickly becoming impossible for even our federal government to ignore.  Granted, it’s already been months since President Obama conceded we need a “serious debate” on the topic; but his administration’s violent actions against those who use this plant as medicine since then indicates this country is still very much so at war against ourselves and the most useful plant in the world (among many distinguished others, revered as spiritual medicine by indigenous cultures and learned individuals everywhere.)

Meanwhile, more and more people and organizations all over the world are gaining far better access to knowledge and information available through our quickly evolving social media tools.  Resulting in more and more individuals and organizations working together to petition our governments for real change.  Here in America, our politicians are so out of touch with reality and seemingly unaccountable to their constituents that petitions — and even laws!!! — don’t seem to matter when it comes to drug policy reform.  After all, we elected the ‘progressive’ and solidly anti-war candidate; just to see his administration expand our War of Terror  beyond even what G.W. dreamed possible.

Sure, he killed Osama and seems to have no problem doing exactly the opposite of what he promised (like not going after legitimate medical cannabis providers); but when the U.N. finally joins in the rising chorus of calls for drug policy reform, even Obama and his friends in the pharmaceutical industry (among others) will have absolutely no excuses left for their regrettable ignorance.  This has become a political time bomb, which may just cost Obama the presidency.

Click below to sign this urgent petition:

Amazing! In just a few days, we blew past our goal of 500,000 voices calling for an end to the war on drugs. Our message will be hand-delivered to world leaders on Thursday, June 2 at a press conference in New York and to the UN Secretary-General on Friday, June 3. The event will feature a live counter of petition signatures, so every one of us counts — let’s keep spreading the word and building this campaign!


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