World Marches For Marijuana Today; Montanans Storm the Capitol on Wednesday

World Marches For Marijuana on May 7

CANNABIS CULTURE – Over 250 cities from countries around the world are on the list for the 2011 Global Marijuana March. Show your support and hit the streets in your city on SATURDAY, MAY 7.

Also known as the Worldwide Marijuana March, Million Marijuana March, or Global Cannabis March (among other various names), the event takes place every year at the beginning of May to call attention to destructive marijuana laws and demand an end to cannabis prohibition around the world.

This year, there are over 250 cities on the list at Weed Wiki.

Montana Connect has teamed with the Cash Hyde Foundation to Coordinate a Rally at our Capitol!

What: Rally!!! Have the Voice of the Patient be HEARD

When: Wednesday May 11, 2011 – 4-7pm

Where: State Capitol Front Lawn – Helena MT

Why? SB 423 is COMPLETELY unconstitutional and creates such hardship on the legitimate patients of Montana that they will be forced to criminal methods and treated as second class citizens. Not only THAT – but legitimate patients just like Baby Cash might DIE due to the constrictive nature and complete inaccessibility incorporated into the core base of this law!

Compassion has been thrown out the window – and the “Black Market Bill” is the ONLY choice?

I THINK NOT! Many of my fellow Montanans I speak to DAILY do not either. I make it a point to cruise by ol Gov Schweitzers Facebook page at least a couple times a day – and folks there are NOT happy! When I call the Governors Office – the phones have been ringing DAILY with unhappy Montanans.

And Brian is going to HOLD HIS NOSE?

Hold his nose – or turn it up and look the other way……?

Let’s take a LOOK at what exactly he is turning his nose up at…….

On the Patient side – if SB 423 goes into effect – this is what will happen – my comments are in red:


4 Responses to World Marches For Marijuana Today; Montanans Storm the Capitol on Wednesday

  1. georgia says:

    if any one is going from bozeman plz contact Georgia cormier @ I NEED RIDES

    • georgia says:

      tthat’s sorry

      • J Michels says:

        you also should check the original post from Montana Connect — linked at the end of the article. their discussion board is much more lively than mine.. hope to see ya there!

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