Is Governor Schweitzer’s Future “Limitless”?

“Cannabis technology” is all the rage, but Montana’s Governor is being asked to turn back the clock on drug law reform — patients and activists across the country wait on pins and needles for a decision from this self-styled rancher-turned-politician.

Right now, Montana’s Governor is being faced with the choice of a lifetime:  does he sign off on legislation which bears the signatures of an overwhelming number of state legislators, or does he defend the will of the people as expressed back in 2004 when a sizable majority endorsed the medical cannabis law which has recently become the center of a huge, ongoing debate?

Ever since our federal government issued a memorandum which effectively recognized cannabis as medicine — while officially denying it has any medical utility whatsoever, the number of cardholders in this state and others has skyrocketed.

Storefronts quickly popped up all over the country following the release of that famous little memo full of typical government doublespeak every bit as absurd as was predicted in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. But, despite the memo and multiple assurances from our President himself, the DEA raids have continued across California and much of the west.

Montana seemed immune to this insanity for a while, until suddenly the feds served over 20 search warrants across the state on a recent Monday morning — the very same day news came out that our state government was deadlocked on a bill which would repeal the law entirely.

A funny coincidence or well-executed fearmongering, depending on who and what you want to believe.  Although people everywhere were initially furious at our government for raiding greenhouses and medical care providers dressed in full swat gear carrying uzis; the fervor quickly died after automatic weapons and interstate drug trafficking was reported as the reason for the raids.

Meaning they were not going against the infamous memo, they were just doing their jobs..

Now our legislature, unable to agree on how best to gut the law without removing it entirely from the books, has sent legislation to our Governor which would repeal the voter-passed referendum entirely.  Something which Schweitzer has already said he doesn’t want to sign, but may be convinced to merely amend instead.

The problem is, even if he endorses the reform suggested by the subcommittee that studied this problem for over a year, he would still be killing a billion dollars worth of local Montana businesses while taking medicine away from people with legitimate medical conditions where the benefits of using cannabis have been scientifically-proven.

However, Schweitzer’s position is not an easy one; as, he must surely be toying with the idea of stepping onto the national stage.  Meaning he would loose out on tons of potential campaign funds if he goes against the wishes of the pharmaceutical industry (which wants to keep the herb illegal while patenting pills based on its unique properties.)

Then again, we are talking about a down-home Montana cowboy who has been loudly telling seniors to cross the border to get their meds for years.  A guy who has in his possession a list of pharmaceutical drug prices which he has stated the following about:

“I would like to stand on the highest mountain in Montana and shout price by price, rip-off by rip-off, the shenanigans here showing how much more the American public is paying,”

But he is reportedly prevented by federal law from disclosing the contents of this list publicly.  A law which The Bozeman Daily Chronicle (among many others) recently said it is unconstitutional for our Governor to abide by.  In their editorial, they make a very strong case suggesting he is in fact obligated to share the information–which technically became public when he officially obtained possession of it.

Now, if we take into consideration the DEA’s changing position on the scheduling of synthetic and otherwise patented derivatives of cannabis, it becomes obvious how intertwined these issues truly are.

At the behest of four large pharmaceutical corporations, according to a great article by Paul Armentano, our government is already claiming that synthetic forms of cannabis (in particular, synthetic THC and CBD) are given “schedule III” acceptance as safe, effective medicine while the plant itself is still considered a “schedule I narcotic” –with absolutely no medical value or accepted use in treatment anywhere in the U.S.

Any judge who knows how to read can see the contradiction in their stance, which is required in order to continue waging a prohibition that has been failing miserably for eighty years. A prohibition which goes directly against the fundamental freedoms upon which this great nation was founded.  A prohibition which has reportedly cost in excess of one trillion dollars and prevented the establishment of a sustainable resource worth at least a billion dollars annually — back in 1938!  (According to Popular Mechanics Magazine.)

The subject line of the memo itself, linked in the above paragraph, is the following:  “Investigations and Prosecutions in States Authorizing the Medical Use of Marijuana”.  It then goes on to argue that proof of the “evil” behind cannabis is that the Mexican cartel continues making a ton of money off the black market trade of the plant.  Here’s my favorite little gem from our Attorney General’s Office — the highest law in the land:

“..This guidance regarding resource allocation does not “legalize” marijuana or provide a legal defense to a violation of federal law, nor is it intended to create any privileges, benefits, or rights, substantive or procedural, enforceable by any individual, party or witness in any administrative, civil, or criminal matter. Nor does clear and unambiguous compliance with state law or the absence of one or all of the above factors create a legal defense to a violation of the Controlled Substances Act. Rather, this memorandum is intended solely as a guide to the exercise of investigative and prosecutorial discretion…”

So, we are left with a popular politician looking to make his way onto the national stage by picking the winning side of this battle, yet he must be wary of making too many extremely powerful enemies.

Will he sign off on the bill, or will he stand up for the little people he likes to champion so much?  And in doing so, perhaps help bring about a final end to the longest and easily most counter-productive war in our nation’s history.

Perhaps he will go to watch the new blockbuster movie, Limitless, and be confronted with an astounding thought:  what if the drug this movie is centered around actually exists; and is based on “cannabis technology“, which just happens to be the hottest thing going in the pharmaceutical world these days?  How can anyone declare a plant illegal while human evolution and the fate of the world hang in the balance?

Or, might the following news be more compelling to an ambitious politician:

Oregon:  Medium Density Fiberboard — Hemp Equals Jobs | Hemp News

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition — Movie Trailer released March 28, 2011

The Peak Of Cannabis Technology

Many do not realize this, but before marijuana prohibition, cannabis was used medically in the 1800s and early 1900s on a large scale.

cannabis tincture as pictured was medical marijuana in its purest most effective form. It was an alcohol extraction of high quality potent bud. The bud was soaked in 100 proof alcohol for weeks in darkness, and shaken regularly.
The plant matter was removed with a strainer and the tincture was ready for sale. This stuff was administered in extremely small doses because it was very potent.

It would be common to see one ounce of bud mixed with one pint of alcohol on the local drug store shelf. They used indica bud for this process and still to this day represents the peak of medical cannabis technology…

Marijuana Scientifically Proven To Reduce Stress?

When someone is all stressed out and you connect them to a waveform or EEG machine the results show what is called beta waves and this is experienced as worry or fear. When someone is in a state of well being, the machine will show what is called alpha waves. When someone smokes or ingests marijuana, the machine also responds with alpha waves.

Does this mean that marijuana actually puts you onto a good or positive vibration? Some do report laughter as a side effect of ingesting or inhaling marijuana

Now, with this information, should we all not take a little closer look at marijuana and what it can actually do for stress? When someone is stressed or fixated on a subject that they perceive as negative, marijuana allows one to readjust their mindset. In a nutshell pulling you from a bad vibe to a good vibe.

Now with these machines lowering in price as years go on, maybe we will see more of these test popping up and leaving us with physical proof and no doubt that marijuana actually does reduce stress.


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