Winning the Drug War(s) — a.k.a., The Death of Political Insanity

Without a law to properly stand on, our nation’s drug warriors need to rethink their strategy.  As do those on the other side of this gruesome battle, if we ever expect to finally win.  We don’t need to “legalize” or deregulate anything.

Cannabis has already been scientifically-proven safe and effective for a variety of ailments, therefore it can no longer be a “schedule I narcotic” according to the CSA.  Our President and Attorney General’s Office are not above the law, they cannot choose to ignore reality whenever it suits their agenda. And neither can a judge who is forced to consider the obvious evidence.

We need defendants, jurors, journalists and judges to understand their obligations and rights; to stand up and demand that the CSA be enforced the way it is written (with cannabis and other scientifically-proven medicines no longer fitting the strict requirements of the “schedule I” listing.)

Precedent has already been set right here in Missoula, MT; by a group of well-informed jurors who staged a ‘mutiny’ and forced the judge to drop the case.  What’s lacking, in my humble opinion, is mainly a cohesiveness among cannabis activists throughout the U.S. and beyond.  Stories like these strangely don’t get much airtime on channels like CNN and FOX ‘News’..

But, then there is this handy little site I found today while visiting Willie Nelson’s recently formed Teapot Party page at Facebook.  The page, 420urls | Marijuana Activism Blog Aggregator, contains well over one hundred links to various sites, stories and videos about online cannabis activism.  And, it too appears to be the product of Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party.

So, after I stared at the screen in utter amazement and shock for about ten minutes, a funny little notion occurred to me.  Actually several did, but we’ll start small.  If just half the groups listed on that website that day were to file suit in court demanding that cannabis be rescheduled immediately, that would be more than one for every state.

Given that our friends at the DEA have already taken steps to reschedule synthetic and otherwise patented forms of cannabis to “schedule III”, its hard to imagine too many judges looking favorably on our government’s chosen form of schizophrenia.  And by this, I mean absolutely no offense to those who suffer from mental illness.

Their behavior just happens to fit the definition perfectly, which according to Wikipedia is:

“a mental disorder characterized by a disintegration of thought processes and of emotional responsiveness.[1] It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinationsparanoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction.”

Unfortunately, “significant social or occupational dysfunction” is something which has become all too familiar throughout the halls of government these days.  Beyond our failed prohibition, our elected representatives continue to go directly against the will of the public on issues regarding taxes, health care and seemingly everything else under the sun.  Forcing unprecedented development and implementation of a vast array of new social media tools.

While it has become far easier for me to contact my local and national representatives via the internet, the effectiveness of attempting to influence legislation has apparently remained non-existent for those of us unable to afford lobbyists.  Prompting myself and perhaps others to once again entertain the idea of “direct democracy.”

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Although my original purpose behind creating this website was to advocate for the further re-integration of cannabis into our culture, prohibition was far from my only complaint about government at the time.  It was merely the biggest affront to sanity and sensible policy that I could think of a simple, straightforward and proven solution to.

Plus, ever since I learned about Henry Ford’s plan to “grow our transportation” using hemp to replace both fiberglass and petroleum products, I have been wanting to get a job in the coming Great American Hemp Industry.

Now, in the past week, I have read about voter-initiatives in multiple states planned for 2012 intent on ending cannabis prohibition altogether without the “leadership” of our elected legislators.  And recent national polls indicate roughly three out of every four Americans approve of cannabis as medicine.  Setting the stage for an epic battle over state’s rights — between the President’s election-wary administration and voters all over the country.

This powder keg of ineptitude from our elected ‘representatives’ extends far beyond cannabis prohibition, but it is my opinion that us cannabis activists have legions of colleagues willing and becoming more able every day to help take back control over our now-defunct democracy.

Via the internet and its endless number of “tubes” (?!), we have developed content and networks of intelligent, engaged citizens with the purpose of fixing a broken government policy.

The domination of this one topic throughout all types of internet pollings and whatnot has often been accused of being manipulated by a relatively small group of miscreants.  Not the overwhelming social force which has become the current drug reform movement.  Presently being spearheaded by our friends from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition who are currently helping collect signatures to get full repeal of cannabis prohibition on the ballot in California in 2012.

Meanwhile, I just found the following remarkably lucid and informative video discussing the human right (and hard wiring “by God”) to get high.

Drug War Has Gone Radioactive


Should I really be surprised that Eric Sterling, the guy in the video above, lives in Chevy Chase, MD.  A town named after one of the world’s most well-known and revered comic geniuses who happen to smoke herb.

His observation that a lot of our popular culture is heavily influenced by cannabis and other illicit substances is key, because it is proof positive that these technologies continue leading the way towards a more enlightened society.  Just as they have been doing throughout human societies all over the world for many thousands of years.

Now with prohibition on its way out the door for good, cannabis reformers and advocacy groups will be finding themselves asking a strangely empowering question a lot more:  what should we do next?

Since we have already developed all these tools, skills and networks focused around this one subject there is now a blueprint for organizing activists for any goal desired.  The real trick becomes how to most effectively get people in touch with the petitions and public officials required to make things happen.

While I have never actually been a part of one, it seems to me like fantasy football leagues have many of the same features needed to make our government far more “of the people and by the people.”  In states where voter initiatives are already permitted, the required government infrastructure is already in place and well-proven.

So, what it boils down to is this:  the longer it takes to finally end our failed prohibition of some drugs, the more advanced our training and tactics will become.  The bigger and more powerful our networks will become, until they swallow and replace — or maybe just retrain — the people we pay to spend our money wisely.

For now, here’s more proof that the legendary potential of cannabis is heavily rooted in reality:


THC Medicates-but CBD, the New Big Hubbub Among Cannabis Scientists, Might Save Your Life

..Dr.  Sean McAllister and his research team at the California Pacific Medical Center has been studying cannabidiol with interesting results.  When CBD is injected into rats with cancer, for instance, the tumors disappear.  CBD could be the cure for cancer? The challenge that research team faces is getting the dosage perfect, as too much CBD makes the tumors bigger…

Below is the full article, posted at the Media Awareness Project.


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