Hemp for Performance, Profit and the Planet


On Tuesday, March 29 from 7pm-9pm, UCLA Sustainability will host a panel discussion at the Broad Art Center entitled, ‘Hemp for Performance, Profit and the Planet: Elite Athletes and Business Leaders Make the Case for Industrial Hemp Farming.’ The California legislature is currently debating SB-676, which would allow the return of industrial hemp farming to the state. In this dynamic discussion, Brendan Brazier (Ironman triathlete, formulator ofVEGA, best-selling author and plant-based nutrition expert); John Roulac (Founder and CEO of leading natural foods brand Nutiva); and Steve Levine (President of the Hemp Industries Association) will examine the role that hemp can play in creating a healthy future.

‘Hemp for Performance, Profit and the Planet’ is taking place one month in advance of Hemp History Week (May 2nd – 8th, 2011), a nationwide public education campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the many benefits of industrial hemp and advocate for changes to federal and state laws to allow farmers to grow the crop on American soil once again.

Submitted by RyanFletcher Ryan@votehemp.com

Where: Broad Art Center, Patio and Room 2160E, UCLA Campus – 240 Charles E. Young Drive North, Los Angeles, CA 90095



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