Could Oregon be First to End Cannabis Prohibition? ‘OCTA 2012’ is Approved for Signatures


“..At the campaign kickoff, a series of three benefit concerts were announced, scheduled for the Fourth of July weekend. They feature reggae music legend, Toots & the Maytals. Toots’ album, True Love, features duets with Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, and No Doubt. True Love won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album of 2005.Toots & the Maytals will headline three shows, starting at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene on Saturday, July 2nd; followed by the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond on Sunday, July 3rd; and culminating at the Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheater in Portland on Monday the 4th of July.

Check out Toots Hibbert with Willy Nelson.
“Still is still moving to me” Live.

The Independence Day Benefit will be the first show at Portland’s Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheater since Ziggy Marley played there 12 years ago and is expected to draw a large audience.

“I definitely feel good about the start,” said Jennifer Alexander. “I think that we have a strong group of volunteers that will get the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act on the 2012 ballot.

“Oregon is one of the small number of states that allows a citizen’s initiative, which is a very powerful tool. Oregonians have crafted many laws that would be unlikely to come out of the legislature, and this has enabled Oregon to be at the forefront of many different issues over the years, especially with cannabis.”

In answer to a question foremost on many Oregonians’ minds, what about the federal prohibition laws that the DEA insists on enforcing? Well, finally, “States Rights” may actually stand for something. The OCTA places the Oregon Attorney General in charge of defending those in compliance with the OCTA against federal charges as well as with promoting adoption of similar legislation at the federal level.

The majority of Oregon’s populous has never been obsessed with criminalizing cannabis, and OCTA 2012 may be the turning point not just for the northwest state, but as a leader in the grassroots movement to end prohibition.

For many lifelong activists, this measure’s success means an inevitable end to cannabis prohibition on the federal level. And that has already noticeably invigorated the movement.”

Bonnie King



4 Responses to Could Oregon be First to End Cannabis Prohibition? ‘OCTA 2012’ is Approved for Signatures

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  3. Bongstar420 says:

    I do not think Orgonian’s will like the OCTA because it is structured like the the lottery and liquor laws in our state. That means that a government institution buys and sells the Cannabis for a profit for the agency and general fund. The market regulations are instituted by a board that is elected by people who hold Cannabis commerce licenses.The market is therefore regulated by the Cannabis business community since the board sets the prices and standards for the market. Does that sound like something a mostly conservative state would vote for?

    • J Michels says:

      you have a very good point, these types of regulations are undoubtedly a large part of the reason Prop.19 failed in California and may wreak havoc in Colorado also. Up here in Montana, we have a bill in the works which will hopefully avoid such pitfalls and win the support of voters who have watched our medical cannabis industry boom so much the feds came in to destroy it (twice!)

      If you ask me, nothing is going to make it legal quicker than our federal gov’t targeting legitimate medical providers and seriously ill people who have done their homework and chosen a safe, natural, effective medicine for a wide variety of common ailments. That and taking away the gun rights of these individuals, which has already helped to solidify a much stronger relationship between these two already powerful special interest groups..

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