Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in California: An Interview With Steve Kubby

By David Malmo-Levine, Cannabis Culture – Monday, March 28 2011

CANNABIS CULTURE – What is the best model for marijuana legalization in California? Activist Steve Kubby, one of the key players in the legalization of medical marijuana in California, speaks to Cannabis Culture about the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012”, his new ballot initiative to legalize pot in the Golden State.

Steve Kubby is a long-time medical marijuana activist, cancer patient, author, entrepreneur, Libertarian party candidate, and key figure in the drafting and passage of California’s Proposition 215, which legalized medical marijuana in the state in 1996.

Kubby has co-authored a new California cannabis legalization ballot initiative – the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act 2012” initiative – with former Orange County Judge (and LEAP member) James Gray and Jack Herer’s former attorney Bill McPike…

The full interview consists of eight very intriguing questions about the proposed legislation.  Here’s my personal favorite:

DML: My research on the subject of legalization led me to conclude that “who gets to deal” was the most important issue when discussing legalization within the cannabis community during the last 40 years. I also found that until 2009, the “exclusive” model was supported by only governments and cops and not activists, while the “inclusive model” has been supported by a vast majority of cannabis activists since the movement began.

SK: That certainly appears to be the case. Folks who have invested their lives in pioneering the cannabis way of life felt betrayed and sold out. This time we are going to shift gears and fight fire with fire. That’s right, this time we will rely upon Judge Jim Gray as our chief proponent and other members of LEAP as proponents to carry a new message to voters that will literally fight fire with fire.

This time we will run a campaign of former drug warriors who have turned against this failed policy and can look California voters, square in the eyes and tell them it is time to repeal these bad laws. We believe that a campaign of fighting fire with fire will be much better received than the approach taken by the Prop. 19 folks to create special taxes and establish a “limited number of licenses” model. Considering that the Orange County Register has already written an editorial of support for our initiative, we believe that such an endorsement from a conservative newspaper in the heart of Southern California shows that we can also win the support of those who voted against 19 for other reasons.

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