Will Farmers in California Grow Hemp in 2011?

As we continue fighting for our right to grow medical and industrial cannabis up here in Montana, news from out west is the industrial hemp industry could take off this year — with a little help from some friends.  Here’s a copy of the e-mail I just received from Vote Hemp:
Farmers in California want to grow hemp and manufacturers are ready to buy their crops. Working with Representative Mark Leno, who is now now a State Senator, we were able to pass AB 1147 in 2006 and AB 684 in 2007. But both bills were vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger after intense lobbying by the California Narcotics Officers’ Association.
Now, with the introduction of the latest version of a hemp farming bill in the state, and the election of Governor Brown, we have an excellent opportunity to get a bill through the legislature and have it become law. The tough economy has been hard on our fundraising efforts and the business donations that we receive will not be enough to pass a bill in California this session, unless you help us.
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has generously agreed to match every dollar you donate, doubling the impact of your contribution. Please make a donation now. Every dollar helps. We rarely send out email requests for just donations. Usually we give you a lot of hemp news and stategy updates, but the need now is urgent.
We hope that you are in a position to make an donation and if not, please forward this email to your friends and family and ask them for us. We have been soliciting donations from the hemp industry along with letters of support for SB 676, now we need you to help, too. I thank you in advance for all that you do for the cause.
Eric Steenstra
Vote Hemp

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