U.S. Attorney Cotter’s Press Release Is Key To FREEDOM

At the bottom of an intriguing article which appeared in the Colorado Independent, titled:  Montana medical marijuana raid raises huge questions with national implications; they are kind enough to provide the full text of U.S. Attorney Cotter’s recent press release.

Here is the most interesting part (it gets much better the second time through):

“..Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of the CSA. Under federal law, growing, distributing and possessing marijuana (other than in a federally authorized research program) is a violation of the CSA. A substance listed under Schedule I has: (a) a high potential for abuse, (b) no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and (c) a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision. Because of the danger posed by Schedule I substances, the Department of Justice continues to focus its enforcement and investigative efforts in targeting large-scale drug organizations that cultivate, manufacture, distribute, or sell marijuana.

United States Attorney Cotter said that “Twenty-six search warrants were carried out yesterday where there is probable cause that the premises were involved in illegal and large-scale trafficking of marijuana. When criminal networks violate federal laws those involved will be prosecuted.”

Individuals with illnesses who are in clear and unambiguous compliance with state law are not the focus of this investigation…”

While it is nice to see the U.S. Attorney point out that people following state law are not the focus of his investigation, I get the feeling he is perhaps confused.

Since cannabis has proven and “accepted medical use in treatment in the United States”, it can no longer be considered a “schedule I narcotic” acording to the CSA.  To argue the other way–that it has no medical value because it is a “schedule I narcotic”–makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But, then I guess the drug war never has made any sense anyway.  The only question now is how many more tax dollars will be wasted before our federal government is held accountable and forced to follow the laws of the land.

How many of us are going to have to sue our own governments (state and federal) for the right to choose our own natural, organic and even spiritual medicine?  It sounds like there are at least 26,000 potential cases brewing in Montana right now..


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