Federal Government’s Ignorance of Hemp is Key to Major Legal Victories

Cannabis is now legal for medical use in fourteen states plus the District of Columbia.  While the federal government still officially maintains the plant has absolutely no proven medical value (although it certainly does), they nevertheless have relinquished control of the plant back to the states.  Or, at least, issued guidelines suggesting this course of action.

The DEA, however, still runs extensive and highly questionable “sting” operations which cost taxpayers millions while giving automatic kickbacks for the amount of profit netted in the operation.  They also have a notorious history of burning or otherwise destroying LEGAL hemp crops which they refused to sanction or even acknowledge until just before harvest time..

But, for hundreds of thousands of Americans (or more), it is now perfectly legal to possess and, in most cases, grow cannabis legally within the United States.  The feds have deemed it a waste of taxpayer funds to go after individuals and groups clearly operating within the laws of states where the herb has been legalized for medical purposes.

So, why would these recommendations not apply to the other cannabis plant–hemp, which our government insists is indistinguishable from ‘marihuana’ and, therefore, an unacceptable threat to our society.

For people like myself, who are living in states where industrial hemp has been officially legalized according to state law, this is a perfect opportunity to embrace the freedom others have fought so hard for us to achieve.  It is not just our privilege, but our duty to grow as much hemp as humanly possible while being completely within our respective state’s laws.

This will serve as an undeniable confirmation that hemp is not only legal to grow in this country, it is also incredibly profitable and good for society in many ways.

In Canada, where hemp is legal and widely cultivated, the government recently opted to invest over $700,000 in developing the hemp industry–in particular, capitalizing on the United States’ insatiable demand for the legendary industrial crop, which is also quickly becoming renowned for its vast nutritional content…


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