Montana’s Jury ‘Mutiny’ Keeps Making Headlines, Now Being Called A “Game-Changer”

Jury Revolt against Marijuana Law

“Jury Nullification” Becomes An Issue In Some Pot Cases

Potential Montana jurors stage ‘mutiny’ in pot case

Juries are giving pot defendants a pass

Even the Wall Street Journal has a short article about it:

On the Great Montana Marijuana Mutiny

“..’Public opinion, as revealed by the reaction of a substantial portion of the members of the jury called to try the charges on Dec. 16, 2010, is not supportive of the state’s marijuana law and appeared to prevent any conviction from being obtained simply because an unbiased jury did not appear available under any circumstances.”

“Bizarre,” the defense attorney called it.

In his nearly 30 years as a prosecutor and judge, Deschamps said he’s never seen anything like it.”



2 Responses to Montana’s Jury ‘Mutiny’ Keeps Making Headlines, Now Being Called A “Game-Changer”

  1. SFJD says:

    I think one great thing about the American legal system is that it’s structured in such a way that jury nullification is pretty much impossible to stop.

    • J Michels says:

      couldn’t agree more, were you aware it also played a crucial role in ending alcohol prohibition? and, apparently, is not uncommon today in certain “inner cities” like those found in D.C. Somehow, our corporate-sponsored “news” always manages to overlook such stories..

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