American Cannabis Industry Gets Lobbyists, Takes Over the World

In recent months, a new organization called the National Cannabis Industry Association has begun making headlines as the nation’s first official group of federal lobbyists dedicated to cannabis law reform.

What follows is a quote from an interview with Aaron Smith, the organization’s executive director.  The full article can be found here: Marijuana-legalization push gets voice on Capitol Hill

“..Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder ordered federal prosecutors to back away from cases against medical marijuana patients and to focus on higher-level traffickers or money launderers.

“I’d like to see that codified by Congress, to become the law of the land, not just an executive order,” Smith said. “This industry’s biggest challenges are the obstacles presented by federal law, so that’s why we’re focusing on the change to federal law first and foremost.”

With Republicans poised to take control of the House, Smith said: “I can’t say that I’m super optimistic, but we’ll definitely be pushing the message of federalism, which the Republicans should listen to. All we’re really asking for is to allow the states to essentially make up their own minds on marijuana policy…” [emphasis is my own]

Given that last October’s famous memo essentially referred control over marijuana law enforcement back to state and local governments, it seems logical to assume that this is the direction our federal government intends to go on drug policy.

Members of Congress would do well to remember this was also the first crucial step towards ending the failed prohibition of alcohol which had been undermining the credibility and functionality of law enforcement while empowering criminals like Al Capone.

Capone has been replaced by the Mexican cartels, Afghanistan and Iranian terrorists being empowered by our failed drug laws.

But all of this is now old news, thanks to the efforts of numerous influential groups including Law Enforcement Against Prohibition who have been making substantial headway towards broad, meaningful and effective drug law reform.  The continued proliferation and mainstream acceptance of medical marijuana is also making broader drug law reform inevitable.

A group of federal lobbyists dedicated to help ensure the success of individuals and groups throughout the cannabis community is like icing on the cake.  Or the final nail in the coffin, depending on your perspective.  The point is that an actual end to our failed prohibition of cannabis now appears inevitable.  After all, everybody knows that lobbyists always get their way..

EPA Says Gas Drilling in Texas Contaminated Water and Presents ‘Threat of Explosion’

In seemingly unrelated news, natural gas has come under renewed fire as complaints of contaminated water continue to stream in from all over the country.  As the EPA attempts to make a stand against these powerful forces of industry, the underlying corruption and contradictory nature of our current policies has been laid bare for all those who care to see.

The monumental nature of the crises we now face are being severely downplayed by those dependent on unsustainable resources.  It therefore follows that those seeking to develop sustainable resources (such as cannabis) would benefit greatly from educating the public about why sustainability is so important and how to go about helping it become a reality.

Drilling for natural gas is merely an expensive and dangerous way of staving off the inevitable for a short period of time while certain individuals make a fortune on the backs of others.  A stop-gap measure proposed by those already heavily invested in unsustainable resources.  It is by no means a wise or necessary investment of invaluable time, money and resources.

Henry Ford understood the fundamentally flawed nature of depending on unsustainable resources, which is why he spent years developing vehicles and fuels that were plant-based.  He literally intended to “grow our transportation” and was busily testing prototypes and perfecting fuel mixtures when his most versatile and important crop was suddenly outlawed by Congress.

Hemp posed a direct and imminent threat to those invested in timber, cotton, petroleum, chemical and other various industries.  It is widely documented that domestic hemp cultivation would have been a billion-dollar industry even back in the 1930s, one which would have vastly transformed the financial landscape of this country.

Eighty years later, we are finally poised once again to see this transformation take hold and begin “the healing of a nation.” Up here in Missoula, Montana; it is already well under way.  The rest of the country’s economy is still in serious trouble, while those invested in the various industries affected by the rapid expansion of “medical marijuana” are making money hand over fist.  (And paying taxes to governments instead of criminal if there is really a difference between the two.)

Since our government recently saw fit to allow corporations the right to openly support particular politicians, it is inevitable that the most influential industries will have a profound impact on the future of this nation and the entire world.  Cannabis is already this country’s biggest cash crop, leaving cannabis lobbyists poised to take over the world as the plant once again becomes legal and its vast utility is finally realized by a world dying from a lack of sustainable industries.




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