Latest cannabis news shows sustainability within reach, while laws are still in chaos

Hemp House Takes Green Design To A New Level (VIDEO)

“..The building material, “hempcrete,” is a combination of hemp, lime and water, which the home’s designer, Anthony Brenner, says acts like a “built-in air filter,” improving air quality and avoiding any toxic or chemical building materials. The material is also inexpensive and more efficient than standard building options. “The insulating factor and thermal capabilities are fantastic,” Brenner tells CNN…”

The Cannbis Car Is A True Green Machine

“..The car will hold up to four passengers, reach speeds of 84 miles an hour and have a range of about 100 miles. Henry Ford originally built a car from hemp fiber and the material actually has several benefits. It’s light, but strong and more energy efficient than carbon which is typically used to build cars. Hemp doesn’t require high heat or much water to grow, which makes it much better for the environment…”

Medical Marijuana Inc Launches the Next Phase of The Hemp Network With Over 1,750 Agents

..”Now we can test the systems, introduce the lead off product line, Nature’s Ancient Wisdom(TM), and move toward final integration in 20 days,” said President Don Steinberg. “For the past months, we have been consulting with respected immunologists, doctors and formulators in the development of what we believe are some of the finest whole foods available, all of which contain the ‘super food’ hemp. Our focus is on pure and natural ingredients, bringing the highest quality at the best prices.”

Director of Product Development Dianna Kaplan stated, “We are now offering natural products that contain plant materials that have been brought to light after decades of obscurity and now warmly accepted in this age of nutritional awareness and environmental stewardship. These products have the potential for huge market share as did the ‘Fish Oils’ of the 1980s, or the ‘Omegas’ of the 1990s…”

Reddit Bucks Conde Nast, Runs Pot Ads for Free

“..Thumbing their noses at the parent company, Reddit decided if Conde Nast didn’t want to bring in some revenue from pot legalization campaigns, it would run the Just Say Now ad for free. It doesn’t look like Conde Nast has responded and it’s not clear whether it will…”

“..As Bruce Fein, Just Say Now advisory board member and former Reagan Justice Department Official, summed it up: “Facebook’s concocted prissiness over political advocacy is more to be disparaged than imitated. Freedom of expression is made of sterner stuff. Google deserves applause for exposing Facebook to shame.”’

Used plastic + hemp = lumber

UNCC researchers create a formula for recycling old bottles into new building materials

“..Unlike regular lumber, the experimental material is moisture- and insect-resistant, and hemp grows a lot faster than wood. Hemp fiber polymers are being used in the automotive industry in Europe for car interiors, Luna said, but she sees a future for the material in buildings, particularly in places where wood rot is a problem.

“The first application I really would like to see is any point where there is water contact in a civil application – a retaining wall, decking, bridges,” she said…”

“..In addition to exploring hemp and recycled plastic as a lumber substitute, Luna is looking at combining recycled plastic with bamboo fibers. She’s also working on a new class of thermoelectric materials to harvest waste heat energy and convert it into electrical energy without moving parts.”

“Don Boring owns a grocery store, a liquor store and now, a medical marijuana dispensary. The main difference among them is that he has to produce his own pot inventory…”

Growing Requirement


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