Prohibition gets handed a deathblow; the economy starts booming

The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this morning that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union gave its full endorsement to Proposition 19 on Wednesday, becoming the latest in a growing line of respectable organizations and individuals who have endorsed the measure–which will legalize the use of cannabis for all adults, age 21 or older.

Last week it was the NAACP, now its the biggest labor union in the state; its only a matter of time before Gov. Schwarzenegger gives it his blessing and the rest of the nation quickly follows suit.  Many of those in government, business and every other facet of existence have long known that prohibition is a really bad idea; now they finally have a real chance to do something about it.  A whole lot of people in various positions of power are now working to implement change, slowly destroying the archaic beast which has been crippling our communities and undermining the halls of justice for far too long.

Prohibitionists will undoubtedly struggle until the bitter end to defend their obviously failed policy, yet the level of transparency engendered by the internet along with the continuing proliferation of Hollywood movies, TV shows and books illustrating the failings of our current drug policy should finally put to rest the ridiculous notion of prohibition altogether.

Sarah Palin gained a whole lot of credibility with a lot of folks (myself included) when she said cops had better things to be doing than busting somebody for smoking a joint.  A growing number of savvy democrats have realized that marijuana is an issue which will bring more voters to the polls.  Once the media latches onto how ending the drug war will effect our other ongoing wars, President Obama and our military advisers will have an awful lot of backpedaling and serious explaining to do.  That is, unless they are smart enough to act first and embrace the idea of change which is supposedly embodied by our fearless leader..


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