Marijuana quagmire opens doors to sustainability, greater personal freedom and true wealth (not just money)

Here in Montana, the various newspapers throughout the state owned by Lee Enterprises have begun a three-day examination of the medical marijuana law and the growing problems surrounding its sudden popularity. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of this unfolding scenario is the recent efforts by Republican State Senator Jim Shockley to repeal the state-passed referendum.  As a compromise, he has also offered up the idea of running a single, state-wide distribution center in order to provide tighter regulation of the drug. 

Just like the folks in Washington D.C. who think the solution is to limit the number of people allowed to grow the herb, the end result which these people fail to point out is that this means the government will soon be growing massive amounts of a plant still considered illegal under federal law.

Judging by the number of successful businesses which have recently sprung up, along with the growing number of studies which back up the medical efficacy of the drug, it seems rather safe to assume that the federal government remains powerless to stand in the way of the powerful new cannabis economy which continues to grow exponentially before our eyes. 

Let us not forget that this whole mess all started last October when the Attorney General’s office released a memo instructing prosecutors and law enforcement not to pursue individuals who use the herb in accordance with their respective state’s laws.  They went out of their way to state that the government in no way, shape or form recognizes ‘marihuana’ as legitimate medicine, while explaining that it is simply not financially possible to continue blindly fighting this endless war.  The prohibitionists must pick and choose their battles very carefully, if they are to maintain even a hint of public support..

My goal here is not to poke fun at the few remaining prohibitonists among the masses; although it seems worth pointing out that the very idea of prohibiting another person’s choice of intoxicant, medicine, food or anything else is ignorant, racist and (as the past seventy-five years have shown) impossible. 

Even the new drug czar admits that legal drugs are far more dangerous than the ones we’ve attempted to outlaw, yet he and other members of our government are simply not allowed to advocate for broad drug policy reform.  A case in point is our President, who once called our drug policy an “utter failure”; or Professor David Nutt, the U.K.’s top drug advisor who was canned for stating that scientific evidence had proven to him that cannabis, ecstasy, LSD and other illegal drugs are far safer than alcohol, nicotine, or even horseback riding..

The reality is, whether or not we all agree about the relative safety of these various substances, drug prohibition has never worked and it never will–at least not to the advantage of law-abiding citizens or society in general.  Other countries have implemented much better policies and statistics have easily proven their effectiveness.  Not surprisingly, our own corporate media outlets have largely failed to even listen to groups such as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition whom have attempted to bring this and other pertinent information to light.  

Further efforts are being undertaken on a national and international level by Rep. Ron Paul and Senator Jim Webb, among others.  Even though the United Nations still considers the cannabis plant to be a threat to humanity, they have acknowledged that “harm reduction” makes much more sense than criminal prosecution. 

It is only a matter of time before our failed drug prohibition is repealed on a federal level and international level; but in the mean time we are left, as states and as individuals, to fend for ourselves.

As luck would have it, the center of this debate is the right of individuals to grow a plant.  In a world starving for sustainable industries, we have a golden opportunity to support local business while developing technologies and infrastructure that can be applied to virtually any other useful plant in the world. 

Aeroponic technology, originally developed by NASA and renowned for its efficiencies, has a massive potential to reinvent the cannabis industry and, subsequently, the entire food industry–yet another faction of society where greed, corruption and incompetence have left us hanging on the edge of an ugly abyss.

These are precisely the types of industries which our government should be supporting and funding with our tax dollars.  Proliferation of these technologies will increase the personal wealth of individuals, provide a healthy food supply and go an extremely long ways towards developing a truly sustainable society. 

Rather than attempting to limit the production of a particular plant to one select group of Montanans, perhaps Senator Shockley ought to consider promoting the ability of all individuals in his state to become more self-sufficient by growing their own vegetables, herbs and medicines (as an herbalist recently pointed out to me, cannabis is far from the only useful plant currently being demonized and/or ignored by those intent on getting you to buy pharmaceutical DRUGS!)


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