Valcent’s VertiCrop technology honored as one of top ten global innovations by group including NASA, USAID, the state department and Nike!

The video below showcases a High Density Vertical Growth (HDVG) system created by Valcent Products, Inc.

“LAUNCH, a global initiative whose Founding Partners include NASA, USAID, the U.S. State Department and Nike, which identifies and supports innovative work poised to contribute to a sustainable future, has selected Valcent’s VertiCrop™ vertical farming technology as one of ten global innovations from a field of 150 pioneering projects. As one of ten featured leaders in sustainability, Valcent will present their advances on large scale hydroponic agriculture at the premiere LAUNCH event at the Water at Kennedy Space Center on March 16th to 18th 2010.

Amidst the backdrop of shuttle launch mission STS-131, a distinguished group of leaders from government, business, science, engineering, communications and sustainability will convene to learn about Valcent’s vertical farming innovations in a collaborative forum designed to help accelerate the company’s progress. Along with the initiatives’ Founding Partners and Resource Partners which include The Pacific Institute, Sandia National Labs and The Water Center of the Earth Institute, LAUNCH was formed as a collaborative forum and incubator to engage and champion innovative ideas, companies, programs and technologies focused on a series of sustainability challenges.

“Our world’s balance between demand and supply of food is sensitive to climate change, fuel demands, access to water and our investments in research and infrastructure,” said Stephen Kennedy Smith, President of Em-Link LLC, the Boston-based Master Distributor for Valcent in the United States. “We are honored to receive recognition from this esteemed panel of judges who recognize Valcent’s VertiCrop™ technology as vital to accelerating innovation for a sustainable future. We look forward to the panelists’ valuable input on our initiatives involving vertical agriculture using recycled resources and hydroponics, which is the practice of growing plants without soil and which allows for the production of fruit and vegetables in spaces outside of traditional farms…”

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