Medical Marijuana Memo and Recent Studies Help to End Drug Wars

Last October, when the Attorney General issued a memo instructing federal prosecutors to stop going after “medical marijuana users” in states where the herb has been legalized for medical purposes he was careful to state that the federal government still does not recognize marijuana as legitimate medicine for any ailments.  This was done in order to protect the plant’s status as a “schedule I narcotic” which, among other requirements, cannot have any accepted medical value.  But there is a slight problem with this theory.

Most people seem too shocked by the issuance of the memo itself to question the broader implications–namely, that the memo itself is evidence the federal government has acknowledged the legitimate medical use of marijuana.

Given how deeply ingrained our drug war is in the bureaucratic mess we call government, it is easy to imagine why the feds would not want to admit that the plant has medical value–but in telling their employees not to attempt prosecuting the thousands and thousands of users now in compliance with respective state law, they have conceded that our failed and wholly unenforceable prohibition is costing way too much money (not to mention, angering a large majority of the public..)

Time and time again the lack of available funding and absurd cost of attempted enforcement of federal laws is the reasoning cited for the change in policy, sadly the scientifically-proven medical utility of the plant is ignored almost completely.  The following quote, however, offers plenty of proof that our federal government has now acknowledged the legitimate use of marijuana as safe and effective medicine:

“..As a general matter, pursuit of these priorities should not focus federal resources in your States on individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana. For example, prosecution of individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses who use marijuana as part of a recommended treatment regimen consistent with applicable state law, or those caregivers in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state law who provide such individuals with marijuana, is unlikely to be an efficient use of limited federal resources…”

The feds know that a growing number of doctors are recommending the drug in place of various pharmaceuticals which often don’t work as well yet can be much more expensive and dangerous to the patients’ health.  They also ought to know that groups such as the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians (among many, many others) have demanded that marijuana be re-scheduled based on its huge potential as medicine.  One might also think that the federal government would have access to statistics and information which prove the relative safety of the plant (versus, say, alcohol, tobacco, Oxycontin, caffiene or even Tylenol–which have all killed many more people than our marijuana ever has, over the many thousands of years in which it has been in use..)  Yet their actions directly indicate otherwise.

If anyone is looking for proof that marijuana has played a part in our continuing evolution and offers an unprecedented amount of potential in medical understanding and treatment, check out the following video found on YouTube.  It is part of an upcoming documentary being put together by the BBC.  This particular clip discusses the cannabinoid receptors which are naturally found throughout the brain, liver and other vital organs–receptors which only interact with cannabis (marijuana) and have some very interesting effects when this happens.  Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the video is well worth a look.  Please pass it along to your friends and elected representatives.

The DEA has now arrested a caregiver in Denver who had just given an interview to a local television news team the day before and, according to the article found here, the government agency is now threatening to shut down each and every one of the medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the Denver area.  Here are a few words from Jeffrey Sweetin, the DEA special agent in charge of the Denver office:

“The time is coming when we go into a dispensary, we find out what their profit is, we seize the building and we arrest everybody. They’re violating federal law; they’re at risk of arrest and imprisonment,” he said to The Denver Post. “Technically, every dispensary in the state is in blatant violation of federal law.”

It appears that the DEA is ignoring the guidelines set forth by the Obama administration, continuing to waste public funds harassing people for growing a plant that now has established medical value and is legal in fourteen states (thirteen more have legislation in the works and California is widely expected to decriminalize this year..)

It is difficult to imagine what the DEA is hoping to achieve with this latest move, which may just be the final nail in the coffin of a horribly failed policy that has been undermining the integrity and success of this great nation for over seventy-five years.  But only if enough of us stand up and demand accountability from our elected officials.  Click here for information on contacting your government representatives, from the President to your state legislators.

“What is in the darkness must be brought to light.”  — Bob Marley


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