Drug wars are inherently racist, violate freedom of religion

The Obama administration made big headlines last October when Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. directed federal prosecutors to stop going after medical marijuana users in compliance with state laws.  Practically overnight, a number of associated industries were born and began pouring large amounts of money into the local economies where the herb is now recognized as a legitimate medicine.

Terminally ill and elderly people who had long been denied their choice of medicine were suddenly given their freedom back, and a surprising number of them have opted to try using cannabis as medicine instead of ‘traditional’ pharmaceuticals which are notoriously plagued with negative side-effects, the possibilities of addiction and even death.  Believe it or not, the often demonized plant has proven itself far safer for the user than practically any other drug–including acetaminophen (Tylenol); yet not everyone is happy that the herb is gaining acceptance, there are now some very heated debates and courtroom battles being fought over what will happen next.

One upcoming courtroom showdown involves a person now living in Colorado who had previously been living in Hawaii for a number of years.  While living in Hawaii, he became a member of the THC Ministry–which worships the cannabis plant as divine, and has done so for roughly a decade.  The church has an extremely high success rate in previous court decisions.

Given today’s political climate and the broad acceptance of medical marijuana, it seems highly unlikely that prosecutors and judges will continue to say that there is no reason to revere the plant as divine.  After all, how can it be illegal to worship a plant which has scientifically-proven health benefits for multitudes of ailments and has also been considered divine by various successful religions and cultures all over the world, for well over ten thousand years?

If there is any integrity at all left buried somewhere in our judicial system, this whole ugly mess will soon be behind us.  The Prison Industrial Complex will finally begin to shrink instead of grow; organized crime and terrorism will lose their major source of funding; and we will have literally hundreds of thousands of dedicated, hard-working citizens that can now be retrained to help our society in a myriad of other ways–one that comes to mind also involves what we all choose to put into our bodies:   food.

Fertilizers and pesticides present a very real and largely unstudied threat to both the consumer and the earth our crops are grown in; but this is just one example of where our tax dollars and human efforts could perhaps be better spent than on fighting a war based on the preposterous notion that people should not be allowed to make their own decisions about which medicine to use and/or which deity to worship.


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