Insanity on display in first major drug policy debate (Thank you, CBS!)

On November 9th, CBS News published an article entitled ‘Should Pot Be Legal?‘  Far from being just another editorial discussing the failings of our current system, it was actually the first of a two-part debate between an adviser for the Drug Free America Foundation, David Evans, and a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, James P. Gray.  The full text is well worth reading no matter what side of the debate you are on, although if you are looking for a well-reasoned argument in favor of our current laws then you are fresh out of luck.

Instead, what we have here is a textbook case of insanity displayed by Mr. Evans.  Although the term is no longer technically used in scientific circles, it is still a legal defense which essentially argues that the accused does not have an understanding that what they have done is harmful to themselves and society.  It could also be argued that Mr. Evans knows full well the impact of his projected ignorance and delusion, but to accuse a man I’ve never met of lying seems irrational in and of itself.  Therefore, we are forced to assume that Mr. Evans actually believes that drug prohibition has been an overall success; and he actually believes that drug use forces people to automatically commit crimes which they otherwise would never dream of.

The honest questions and cold, hard facts presented by Mr. Gray are completely ignored time and time again while Mr. Evans obsesses over manufactured statistics and tired, old (and widely disproved) scare tactics.  A debate which could be helping guide our nation through necessary and beneficial changes has sadly been upended due to one side’s inability to answer simple questions or provide one tangible benefit they have brought to the table.  That he was able to keep a level head and refrain from asking the men in white coats to please get his opponent some help says volumes about the character of Judge Jim Gray–a trial judge in Orange County since 1983.


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