A Few of the World’s Most Notorious Drug Fiends

Drug warriors love to speculate about the potential terrors caused by a population trusted to make decisions for themselves, so why aren’t they more inclined to discuss some of this country’s most famous users of these evil substances?

Understanding the drug fiend’s mind should give us an idea of what to expect once our drug laws are repealed, at which point it is expected that half the population will immediately start shooting up heroin and, eventually, try to steal your furniture.

Please note that there is no attempt at ordering the respective effects these criminals have had on society, but as you might notice the list is far from complete.  Any additions, comments or even confessions from other evildoers are more than welcome.

Barack Obama; Bob Marley; Carl Sagan; Richard Feynman; Michael Hollingshead; Cary Grant; Woody Harrelson; John Lennon; Stephen King; Marc Emery; Clarence Thomas; Jack Herer; Allen Ginsberg; Alexander Shulgin; Charles Dodgson(a.k.a. Lewis Carroll, who might not have actually used any illicit drugs–yet practically everyone agrees he referenced both cannabis and mushrooms in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland); R. Gordon Wasson; Aldous Huxley; Philip K. Dick; Carlos Castaneda; Willie Nelson; Oliver Stone; Dennis Hopper; Joe Rogan; Dave Chappelle; Jerry Garcia; Jim Morrison;Robert Louis Stevenson; Layne Staley; Jennifer Anniston; Sigmund Freud; Kurt Cobain;Tupac Shakur;Bob Dillon;Mick Jagger; Tommy Chong; George Harrison;Paul McCartney; Matthew McConaughey; Brad Pitt; Snoop Dogg; Thomas Jefferson; George Washington; Benjamin Franklin; Louis Armstrong; Bruce Lee; Richard Alpert; Timothy Leary; Jack Kerouac; Hunter S. Thompson; Robert Anton Wilson; Terence McKenna; Adolf Hitler; Sherlock Holmes; Ken Kesey; Abbie Hoffman; Notorious B.I.G.; Ray Charles; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Al Gore; G.W. Bush; John Belushi; Robin Williams; Tim Allen; Sting; Eminem; Bill Hicks; Wynona Ryder; Neal Cassady; James Brown; David Bowie; Bob Denver; Neil Diamond; Bill Murray; Carlos Santana; Charlie Sheen; Newt Gingrich…


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