The beauty of LEDs and orchids

Peace of Mind – Besides drastically reducing the chance of burning your plants or even burning down your house, using LED grow lights can also keep the cops away. Gro-Tek does not by any means endorse the growing of illegal plants, in fact we discourage it, but another advantage of our LED grow light systems is that you will never have to put up with the inconvenience of having the police knocking at your door asking what you are growing inside. If you grow Orchids in a residential neighborhood you already know that this is what happens! Police use thermal imaging technology to search for people growing illegal plants indoors. (Police also scan through the power companies data-bases looking for abnormally high power bills too). Our grow light systems are undetectable to thermal imaging because they emit virtually no thermal radiation and use very little power. No one likes the police knocking at the front door especially when their only growing Orchids!

you can visit Gro-Tek’s store here, for all your growing desires.


3 Responses to The beauty of LEDs and orchids

  1. I read somewhere that you need an optimal mixture of 30% blue and 70% red for optimal growth on orchids. I am not very familiar with LEDs and wondered do they come with this combination? I read also that it’s good to shop around for good prices as some LED grow lights can be expensive. I guess that’s what the Internet is for, shop around for the best price. Great article though…
    Philip Estenson, Orchids Editor

  2. simpleton0013 says:

    if you go to gro-tek, they have some panels that are the appropriate mix and reds and blues; otherwise you can mix and match ‘spotlights’, but be careful as some LEDs are much brighter than others. I am somewhat new to this also, so i cannot recommend one manufacturer over another; but the technology has gotten a lot better over the past couple of years, and there are a lot of good LEDs out there. good luck with your orchids

  3. Be sure and check out the LED Grow Light Blog @

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