Do 700,000 people count?


“CaribWorldNews, KINGSTON, Jamaica, Mon. March 3, 2008: Jamaica’s new Bruce Golding administration may consider legalizing ganja, a top government official said Friday.

Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh revealed that a seven-member government commission has been researching possible changes to the anti-drug laws pertaining to marijuana-related cases.`We have discussed it, and we are preparing a report to present to the prime minister,` said Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh.

The move comes five years following the 2003 commission report that recommended legalizing pot in small amounts for personal use. Members of the almost 700,000 strong Rastafarian movement has long lobbied for the legalization.

But such a move could mean loss of Jamaica’s U.S. anti-drug certification. On Friday, the U.S.` latest drug report again claimed that Jamaica is the largest producer of marijuana in the Caribbean and a major transit point for drugs entering the U.S. –”


 So in Jamaica there are 700,000 Rastafarians who hold the cannabis plant to be sacred, but our government does not think their faith is legitimate and therefore does not see a contradiction between our Constitution and our laws; our government also fails to recognize that our unenforcible laws are the reason Jamaica has become a major exporter of cannabis to the U.S.  I just wonder, is the official opinion of our government that these people are all godless heathens who are worshipping the devil inside of a plant?

What should we tell our schoolchildren who study Hinduism, Buddhism or one of the many other faiths known to worship this plant?  Godless heathens, every last one of them; freedom of religion obviously was not meant for people who believe such things.  Alcohol is a necessary part of our culture, it is constantly celebrated while it leads to the destruction of countless young lives; but of course we all know that “God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy.” (Benjamin Franklin)  Incidentally, Benjamin Franklin got his start with a printing press that relied on hemp paper; this was the start of the free press which today continues to ignore the plight of this ever-important plant.  Why is it that we are so afraid of a plant which has been celebrated by most successful societies of the past?  How can we justify telling people in other countries, much less our own,  what they can or cannot worship?  Should we be planning a tea party?


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