What will they do?

If the information exchange that is currently taking place on the web continues along roughly the same trajectory, it seems impossible that our country’s failed War on Drugs will continue much longer. To the uninformed reader this may sound like a pipe dream; but in light of articles like the Rolling Stone’s “How America Lost the War on Drugs” and with the critical success of books like “Drugs and Justice“, change seems immanent. Even a few of the current presidential hopefuls have embraced drug policy reform, but there has been little focus on the actual effects of decriminalizing drugs; proponents of reform are often so reserved as to say that there would be little effect felt by the majority, but in-depth analysis proves this to be quite false.

Without a doubt most crime committed in this country has ties to the black market which is bankrolled by drug trade and governed by terrorist groups; our nation’s own drug laws are a necessary precursor for the current war on terror. My question is not the intention of people to enforce laws or to try and persuade young people away from addiction; this is my question: where is the benefit of declaring war against a particular list of chemicals, or worse still, against your own citizens? The only real effect of the drug war has been to make some terrorist groups very powerful and very rich.  If the intention is to help people, then help people with addiction; do not destroy their lives because the chemical they used was beyond cultural acceptance. Furthermore, there is no logical argument against my desire to smoke any mixture of herbs I may desire; afterall, isn’t that the heart of the Constitution(a document authored and signed by numerous smokers and hemp farmers). So when the laws change, what do you suppose will become of all the drug warriors? What will they do?

Prisons will go from overflowing to being overstaffed and entire divisions of the police force will no longer have a job to do; billions of dollars of federal funding will be freed up, and street cops will be able to focus on crimes like rape and burglary (which now typically go unsolved due to an often cited lack of funding.) What other potential benefit to society can the drug warriors of yesterday have tomorrow?


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